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The Motion of Puppets

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Lately, there are days when you don’t move so well. Sports injuries old or new, creaky bones, long night, short night, slept wrong, it can happen at anytime and any age. But, unlike in the new book The Motion of ...

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Katherine Petty Prints


By Jason Machulski Lake Charles native Katherine Petty is a fine arts graduate of McNeese State University. She started off in elementary education, but took a printmaking class and it caught her heart. Printing since 2003, her favorite form of ...

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Handicapped Accessible Fishing

Fishin' Tales

Having spent two years in a wheelchair, I truly empathize with those in them. Two of my pals, Dr. Richard “Rocky” Kent and Glenn Bordelon are among those who have to use them but remain very active. Glenn in his ...

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The Court Jester

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When I took up tennis about a year ago, I told everyone that it was to get some exercise. But that’s not the real reason. The real reason I took up tennis is because I absolutely stink at golf. My ...

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Halloween Musings

Note from Lauren

Halloween is right around the corner, but every day in October has been relentlessly hot here in SWLA. If you know me, then you are aware that this is a good thing, hating the cold as much as I do. ...

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