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You know, I’ll admit that when I first heard the name Jeff  Lynne, I was puzzled as to why some “no-name” guy was running around with legends like Dylan, Orbison, Harrison and Tom Petty in this outfit they called the ...

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History NOW!


History is not only what has happened in the past. It is also what is happening in the now. I usually write about the past but I am doing something a little different this time.  I’m going to talk about ...

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Jake of All Trades


Jake Stutes Takes on Weddings, Décor and Amazing Food  By Lauren Abate de Albuquerque Jake’s Bakery and Deli. The Ballroom at the Charleston Hotel. The Governor’s Mansion. And soon, the Charleston Bistro. There’s a lot going on, and Jake Stutes ...

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Lovely Rita, the Hurricane


Remembered by D’Ellen Myers The question still remains as to whether the City turned off the electricity as a precautionary measure, or the 50-to-70 mile-per-hour winds took it out. Either way, we lost power just after 9 p.m., September 25, ...

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Artist Shannon Simmons


Creating Something Beautiful That Doesn’t Exist By Jody Taylor “We live in a cool, charming town,” says artist Shannon Simmons. With the recent opening of 1910 wine bar and restaurant, located on the ground floor of the Phoenix building downtown, ...

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My Friend Kelly

Note from Lauren

Most of us write about special people in our lives after they’re gone. I want the world to know about a very special person in my life who is very much with me, now and forever. I met Kelly when ...

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What Color Is Love?

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Most of us would agree that love is a beautiful thing. Have you ever thought about what the color of love is? If you ask most people, they will probably say the color red. Images that come to mind are ...

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Everybody for President

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I’d been out of touch with the news lately, so last week I tuned into the cable networks to see what’s been going on. Most of the coverage had to do with the presidential campaign. With Election Day being as ...

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