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Footprints in History


History is written every day. This is a change from what I usually write about, but artists are an amazing part of history. There is art all around us. The architecture, city streets, signs–there’s art in everything, which eventually turns ...

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Political Suicide

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Who will you vote for, come November? No doubt, you probably know whom you’re not voting for, but at least one candidate on your party’s ticket has captured your attention. Now, you just have to hope nobody does anything to ...

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World Expositions


Back in 1984, I went to New Orleans with my grandfather. We were not going on a simple family vacation but instead, we were headed to the Louisiana World Exposition. I remember the smile on his face as we walked ...

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Sanford & Son

Fishin' Tales

A woman swam for her life on Seventh Street and was rescued by the Lake Charles Police Department. Four inches of rain by noon and my friend’s trailered boat floats in his backyard. John LeMay rescued his daughter’s new red ...

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Spaghetti Squash Primavera

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Well, another school year has ended and it’s time for vacation and to burn off some calories! The question often asked in my house is “What’s for dinner and is it healthy?” We’ve had to get creative with one of ...

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Adopt a Shelter Pet!

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It seems that lately social media (and print media, for that matter) daily mentions some poor domestic animal being struck by a vehicle, killed or left cruelly abandoned. Thankfully, we are blessed with many caring people and organizations here in ...

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