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Healthy Woman Fifth Anniversary


Lake Area Medical Center presents the Healthy Woman Fifth Anniversary Celebration “Country Come to Town!” Grab your girlfriends and register today to experience a one-of-a-kind comedy show and expo on September 10. To put it simply, when Etta May takes ...

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Mission Impossible 5: Rogue Nation

Screen Shot 2015-05-26 at 11.00.59 AM

(Paramount 2015) This: It’s just wonderful to go into a movie with no preconceptions or expectations and to be pleasantly surprised. Despite its serialistic title, Mission Impossible 5: Rogue Nation manages to stand very well on its own. To get ...

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Keeping Your Dog Fit

A Ruff Life

Summer is coming to an end, and just around the corner are the holidays! Unfortunately, if you are anything like me, the holiday season also means you spend more time indoors, and tend to be less active. On top of ...

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The Dreams of Our Youth

Fishin' Tales

When I started fishing, I was five. Now at 66, that gives me 61 delightful years on canals, farm ponds, creeks, bayous, lakes, rivers, the Gulf of Mexico, and even the Pacific. My adventures began in Jennings’s Louisiana’s then “Mayberry ...

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Happy Hunting Spots


As a picker and a treasure seeker, I like to go to places that have been abandoned or untouched for years.  One of my favorite places to dig around in is the attic.  It’s a great place to find old ...

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Cajun Red Head Crab Cakes!


It’s extremely hot this summer in SWLA, so the Pirate is headed up to the Northeast, Chesapeake Bay in Maryland, to be specific. This is an area of the United States where blue crabs can be found, which are also ...

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Note from Lauren

 So, the poor kids are back to school in this sweltering heat, with one more month of summer to go. I can’t even comprehend it. As far as I am concerned, it’s still full summer, deep summer, in all of ...

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Looking Through Your Lens

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Imagine your eyes as a camera. When you look through the lens of your camera, you are making choices with each image of what you include and what you leave out, crop out and hide.  You decide what to show ...

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