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A Sheep at the Wheel

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You hear a lot these days about how divided we are as a country, about how people hold widely different opinions on the critical issues we face and how we seem unwilling to compromise or try to understand the other ...

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The Evolution of CSE Credit Union


Not Just Your Grandfather’s Credit Union Thomas Jefferson once stated, “Every generation needs a new revolution.” Nothing could be closer to the truth. But how can one statement be so simple, yet so loaded at the same time? As the ...

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Blank Slate Catching Dreams


By Erica Nelson Blank Slate is the recently established mural club at Washington Marion High School. It meets every Tuesday and Wednesday for a few hours after school. The core group of members participates in band and other afterschool clubs. ...

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The Loss of Joy

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“The loss of a friend is like that of a limb; time may heal the anguish of the wound, but the loss cannot be repaired.” – Robert Southey Kimberly Joy had been a friend of mine on Facebook for about ...

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The Great Migration

Fishin' Tales

This isn’t the Pilgrim, Puritan, or Great Western Migration but a Southern one. Hundreds of thousands of flounder participate every year. This is a must for every angler, this Great Flounder Migration. It begins with the first cool fronts of ...

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So Hard to Händel…

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Back in the early ’40s, a well-established London songwriter was approached by a wealthy friend with an idea for a musical collaboration. Our songwriter, whom we’ll call George, liked the idea and began shaping up the music that would eventually ...

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