Road to the Thanksgiving Open Games Announced!

by Adam Sibile

With November just around the corner, Scion eSports is already planning out new and exciting things for this year’s Sixth Annual Thanksgiving Open. With team members new and old, the first meeting has been held to discuss what games will be on the agenda. I am happy to bring our readers a weekly update on the status of the tournament as things unfold for the community.

With the success of the monthly Fight Club, the theme for the tournament will cater to fighting games such as Smash Brothers for WiiU as well as Street Fighter V. This shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone who keeps up with the local eSports scene as the Smash community always shows up in full force. While the Street Fighter player numbers continue to rise, there is no doubt that the fighting community is here to stay. Hayden Barnes has done an exceptional job promoting and running the weekly tournaments so the obvious choice would be to name him Director of Fighting Games for future events.

While the fighting community burns bright, there are new contenders pulling for the crown in the team games. With the introduction of Overwatch, the professional eSports scene has been elevated to a new level. The Scion team has decided to run Overwatch for the first time and we expect a large turnout. Let’s not forget about the other team games that Scion eSports has already featured such as Heroes of the Storm, Halo 5, and Rocket League which are all planned to be every bit as exciting and fun as Overwatch. All team games will be headed up by none other than Katelin Stagliano who runs the Spartan Corps events.

While Hearthstone and Gears of War were thoroughly discussed, sadly these games were passed on. Hearthstone, however, will have a fireside area setup for everyone to sit and play while waiting for their matches. While there seems to be some interest in competitive gameplay for Hearthstone, Scion is having a difficult time gauging actual community interest to fund the tournament. While at the Thanksgiving Open, please stop by the fireside area and let us know if you’re interested in a Hearthstone tournament at future events such as Cyphacon.

The Scion eSports team is working exceptionally hard this year to bring in as many players as possible to make this the largest Thanksgiving Open yet, but we can’t do it alone. Tell your friends and get your teams together and spread the word. In the meantime, I will continue to update the community with news and details regarding all things eSports in Lake Charles.

  • Brittany Daigle Cormier

    Need some gears of war

    • Adam Sibille

      We discussed Gears of War for a while but with Overwatch being the hottest shooter in eSports right now, it’s hard to run multiple shooters. We are currently looking at Gears for future events.