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Holiday Gift Guide

The gift list was easy this year. For once, you knew what to get everybody. Every. Single. Giftee. Easy-peasy… except, oops, that one person who vexes you each year. What to get? Well, books are always good gifts, and they’re ...

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‘Tis The Season

The white board at Jim Bel’s Hackberry Hilton Hunting Lodge told me what I needed to know. Limits. Limits. Limits everywhere. Every day. All the blinds. Now, on this fourth day of waterfowl season, retired Army Major and McNeese professor ...

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Pocket Change

A while back, I wrote an article on collecting coins. This time, I decided to go a bit further into it and fill you in on current circulation pocket change that could bring in big bucks.  I list each coin ...

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Uncle Ricky

Uncle Ricky. When I say his name, it makes me smile. Enrico Visco met my mother’s sister Gloria on a blind date. He claims he was sitting in a rocking chair on his friend’s porch, and when she walked gracefully ...

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Tips from Tip

Turkey Gravy Tip Many of us routinely make stock out of our chicken bones. Since we have just finished Thanksgiving, the turkey bones make for a really great stock, as well. Some use the stock for a turkey gumbo if ...

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