Adam Sibille aka Kingbadhorse

Adam-Bio picAdam started out playing video games at a very early age, starting with the Atari 2600 system. At the age of 12, he learned how to operate a DOS based PC and was able to launch basic PC games, which were mostly simple games such as checkers and chess. Later, at age 14, he built his first PC from scrap computer parts which were given to him by his grandmother. Adam’s first computer was a 386 with a green screen, but it was his to command.

Adam’s first passion was fighting games, specifically Street Fighter II and the Mortal Kombat series. He spent many quarters in Aladdin’s Castle feeding Mortal Kombat 2 trying to master each fighter one by one. His goto character became Sub-Zero where he was able to participate in and win a few tournaments. As he matured, so did his love for tech. At the age of 17, Adam received a Compaq Presario from is parents for graduating high school. With this addition to his arsenal, he began to play and find love for real-time strategy games. While Starcraft and Warcraft were fun to play, his primary focus was on the Command and Conquer: Red Alert series. Adam sank many hours into Red Alert, eventually earning him a spot in the US top 100 players for two years.

Through college, he played online games such as Diablo II and dabbled in MMOs such as Everquest, but it wasn’t until after college he started playing World of Warcraft. World of Warcraft became his primary focus for many years to come. While still finding time to mix it up on the occasional Halo 2 game, Adam mainly enjoyed spending time in Azeroth with his new online friends.

Over the years, he spent many hours in World of Warcraft ranging from two to eight hours per day. Over the course of his WoW career Adam played a restoration Shaman, holy Paladin, and protection warrior. He was also a raid leader and managed aspects of his guild’s banks and personnel. After coming to terms with a WoW addiction, Adam began to find other games to play that did not require so much time. It was at this time that he discovered League of Legends and was able to move away from the MMO scene. While League of Legends required time to play, it wasn’t near the amount of time that World of Warcraft required.

Shortly after League of Legends, Adam entered the Heroes of the Storm beta and never looked back. Adam currently plays Heroes of the Storm competitively in local tournaments and has had success, winning the 2015 Thanksgiving Open and placing second in the 2016 Cyphacon Open. He is currently captain of The iNoob Project’s Heroes of the Storm team which will be competing in the 2016 Thanksgiving Open. Today, Adam spends most of his time reviewing different types of video games and local conventions for The iNoob Project as well as maintain media and promotions.

Drew Campbell aka SBMarvel

Drew-Bio picDrew started playing video games at the age of 8. Drew’s first console was the SEGA Genesis and enjoyed a multitude of games such as The Lion King, Toy Story, and the Sonic the Hedgehog series.

At age 12, Drew received his first Gameboy. The first game that he enjoyed the most was Pokemon yellow. Drew took his Gameboy everywhere from car rides to riding his bus to school and even weekends at his Grandma’s house. A year later Drew saved up enough money to buy his first self-purchased console, a Nintendo Gamecube. Bundled with his new Gamecube was Mario Sunshine. Mario Sunshine was the first game Drew felt a connection with, and was completely absorbed. After finishing Mario Sunshine, Drew moved to other games such as Smash Brothers, Pikmin, and Luigi’s Mansion.

Being a true Nintendo Fan, Drew purchased to the Wii the day it was released. Captivated by the Wii’s new motion controls, he dove into The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess as well as Guitar Hero: Legends of Rock. Impressed by the capabilities of the Wii, Drew purchased every new peripheral such as WiiFit and the Wii controller attachments.

Once in high school, Drew moved away from Nintendo and purchased a Playstation 3 and a PC. On PS3 he played games like Call of Duty, Uncharted, and Battlefield. His real passion came from PC gaming, real time strategy games, such as Starcraft were his favorite, but he also ventured into other games such as League of Legends and World of Warcraft.

Drew still enjoys PC gaming, but mainly focuses on console gaming on Playstation 4 and WiiU. While on his PS4, Drew spends most of his time on Destiny and the soon to be released, Overwatch. He also spends time playing for The iNoob Project’s Heroes of the Storm team. Drew also produces content for The iNoob Project on Twitch and YouTube as well as review video games.

Kellen Bergeron aka Kb_kronic

kellen-bio pic

Kellen was introduced to games at a young age by his grandmother who sat in a lawn chair every afternoon playing Super Mario Brothers on the NES. At first, he got enjoyment from watching her jump around in the chair, animating herself like the little plumber hoping across the screen. However, after a while, Kellen wanted to try playing these video games himself. Super Mario and Duck Hunt were his games of choice, but they only kept his attention for small bits at a time. If the squids in Mario weren’t annoying him for zigging when he should have zagged, then the EXTREMELY annoying dog tormented him as it laughed when a duck would escape its demise. It wasn’t long, but Kellen had given up on video games as anything serious.

A few years had passed before Kellen was introduced to what would pull him deeper into gaming then he expected, the Super NES and Mortal Kombat. Mortal Kombat would lead him into a place in his life where he could not only vent frustrations and escape to an imaginary world, but have fun doing it. When Kellen first popped the cartridge into the system and the character select screen came across, he went straight for Sub-Zero. Kellen didn’t choose Sub-Zero for his ability to use ice attacks or he had a cool name, pun intended, he chose Sub-Zero because his costume was blue. After many fights of getting burned by Liu Kang, slammed into by Kano, and told numerous times to, “Get over here!” by Scorpion, Kellen realized Sub-Zero just wasn’t going to work for him and Scorpion/Kano became his characters of choice. To this day, Kellen predominately plays Scorpion and Kano as his primary Mortal Kombat characters.

Kellen would spend all of his free time playing fighting games or indulging in his other inherited passion, Wrestling. Naturally, wrestling games became his next go to game of choice. His favorite wrestling games at the time were WCW vs the World for Playstation, No Mercy for Nintendo 64, and WCW vs NOW for Nintendo 64 just to name a few. Other fighting games that Kellen preferred were Street Fighter, Tekken, and Soul Calibur. Fighting games would hold Kellen’s interest for quite some time until the handheld sensation known as Pokemon would grasp his attention.

Pokemon would become Kellen’s biggest obsession. He had seen commercials for the Pokemon Red and Blue games, but never thought to play them because he didn’t own a system to play the games on. After a defective Christmas present was conveniently returned to Wal-Mart, everything changed. His first Pokemon was Bulbasaur. While not the most popular option, he felt drawn to Bulbasaur the most. Bulbasaur would end up becoming Kellen’s first Pokemon but also his only level 100 Pokemon to date. Pokemon not only took majority of his video gaming life, but would also introduce him to the wonderful world of card games.

Kellen would play on Sundays at a media store called On Cue in his hometown. Hours were spent playing games, getting stamps in a little pamphlet, and facing “Gym Leaders” to get small badges to pin on his backpack. Card games gave him the opportunity to meet people outside of his circle of friends at school which was a huge pro for him. Pokemon would eventually fall back to popularity in his area while a new card game, Yu-Gi-Oh, would begin to gain ground. Kellen quickly grasped the mechanics behind Yu-Gi-Oh and became quite decent. Although Kellen never won anything big, he was always improving. After Yu-Gi-Oh lost its luster with him, he began playing Magic the Gathering in his early years of High School. The variations of playstyles, the recourse system, and mass amounts of support in the area for Magic has kept his interest for the past 10 years.

In between the different card games Kellen, was introduced to World of Warcraft and by extention Blizzard as a whole. While he played Diablo and Starcraft, WoW drew him in most. The ability to create a personalized character and dive into a vast world, rich in lore and flavor was like opening a flood gate to his senses. His main loves in the game were Player versus Player and roleplaying. Although appealing to some, raiding always made the game feel more like a job than a game to him. He still plays WoW from time to time to make sure his Dwarf Hunter, Tauren Shaman, and Human Warrior are at the very least level capped with each expansion. Today, Kellen plays games like Hearthstone, League of Legends, and Overwatch. Kellen also frequents wrestling events and is The iNoob Project’s primary professional wrestling correspondent.


EJ Lastrapes aka Soujah Shade aka Wiseman Shade

EJ-Bio pic - newWiseman is a title, one which began as EJ attended college before the age of 10. Ok maybe by attended I mean he accompanied his dad. Ok maybe he was there because his dad didn’t have a babysitter and EJ didn’t pay attention to any of the courses. Ok MAYBE his dad was in college and EJ just spent his time playing with DOS the whole time while his dad studied RPG and Cobol. Look, the details are kind of fuzzy and there’s semantics involved, but hey, EJ was there and it makes a great origin story.

From beginning, armed with an Atari and all of its its woodgrain glory, EJ’s passion for gaming was brought to life as he played classics such as Pac-man, Pong, Mario Brothers, Donkey Kong and even public embarrassments such as E.T. He played them all but then grew bored. Laser tag was his life and his early career in gaming had come to a halt, but fate had other plans.
After an extreme Laser Tag session, EJ came home and what he saw would change his life forever. EJ’s father purchased a Nintendo Entertainment System with a game we all know too well. The magical side scrolling, brick bumping plumber quickly ruined EJ’s chance at a pro Laser Tag career.
Once again hearing the call, EJ earned the handle “Nintendo Mack”. He dominated any cartridge anyone could get their hands on and throw in his NES. Wiseman and his family spent countless hours after school watching each story unfold before their eyes as their young prodigy ran through video games with ease.

Attempting to carry on his legacy into the SNES era, EJ finally met disappointment at the hands of Super Mario All-Stars. Super Mario All-Stars debuted the lost levels, which would forever be known as the game that slayed Nintendo Mack. After his crushing defeat, Wiseman was finally revitalized by Final Fantasy Mystic Quest at a christmas party.

With the introduction of the Sony Playstation, EJ was extremely skeptic. Nintendo had ended their deal with Sony for an expansion to the SNES which caused a completely new console. It was during this time that Sony gave birth of the Playstation. Square Enix, after the release of Super Mario RPG, followed Sony moving the Final Fantasy series to the Playstation. EJ was faced with having to end his Nintendo reign and broaden his horizons by moving to the Sony Playstation, leaving his beloved Nintendo behind. At first, EJ didn’t expect to find games like Crash Bandicoot racing games such as Gran Turismo but pairing this with his love of RPGS still in his heart, he found all he needed to complete his transdance to Sony.

Those formative years were the backbone of Wiseman’s current taste in games. Being a fan of RPGs and action games, EJ subscribed to Final Fantasy XI where he led many successful guilds and tanked formidable enemies, enemies supposedly only capable of being done by Paladins, as his legendary ninja, Forsaken. While FFXI keeps a special place in his heart, EJ moved onto Final Fantasy XIV where he can be found using his same inspiration methods to obtain success when requested on the Leviathan server.

Digitally you can find EJ on PSN following the Creed or doing his part in Overwatch. In person he’s recently been spotted eating sushi at Golden Nugget with the original Pokemon series on the 3DS XL, muttering to himself about capture rates. As founder of The iNoob Project, EJ produces content and manages the iNoob Twitter, Twitch, and YouTube accounts. While EJ does perform much of the day to day management duties, he has ambition to become more prominent in The iNoob Project’s online presence.


Evan Miller aka DevilslayerVXEvan-Bio Pic

Evan started playing video games at the age of 5. His first console was the first Nintendo playing the Super Mario Bros. and Duck Hunt pack. This, however, was not what brought Evan into the gaming world. With the release of the Super Nintendo, he would find the games that helped define what he loved, from Super Metroid, Final Fantasy 6, Megaman X 1-3, Megaman 7 Mario RPG, and his all-time favorite that Evan played the most Chrono Trigger.

Evan grew a deep love for Chrono Trigger as you could make different decisions and events happen that could change the entire game’s timeline or possibly the character’s themselves. Most of all the deep world and exploration of the history for the entirety of the story drew him in and made him want to know everything. It was because of this game, that Evan would fall in love with not only RPGs, but decision making games in general.

A few years later, Evan would be introduced to the PlayStation. At this time, Evan would also be introduced to his first horror games in his life: The Resident Evil series, with Resident Evil 2 making him forever love horror games and the Resident Evil Series as a whole. This, however, could not prepare Evan for what would be the game that changed gaming for the PlayStation and immortalize his love of video gaming, Metal Gear Solid. He still recalls counting down the days until the game would come out.  Once released, he ran home and was filled with pure joy when he saw his Dad putting the game into the Playstation. Although there were some great games on the Playstation, Evan was thoroughly disappointed with Spawn the Eternal and Chrono Cross.

Shortly after this time, Evan on his way back from school one day, would be given a Nintendo 64 and for his birthday. On this console, he would dive into classics such as Golden Eye, Mario 64, Perfect Dark, and of course Super Smash Brothers. It was thanks to all of these games, Evan discovered what would be the foundation of his gaming preferences and his love of both Nintendo, PlayStation, and PC gaming.

Today, Evan’s main focus is on Playstation 4 and his 3DS. While on PS4, he mostly plays Fallout 4, but can still be seen in multiplayer on Destiny, Overwatch, and Borderlands.  On 3ds, he actively plays Pokémon and Fire Emblem.  Evan also produces content for The iNoob Project on Twitch and YouTube and will soon begin writing video game reviews.