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  • River Bluff Park’s Budget: The “budget” estimate, it seems to me, must have been created a year before actual bids were received, and it was never revised to account for material/labor price increases. Is this what happened? Whom do we have to thank for this delay? Is it the estimator(s) who did not account for the delay between budget being established and actual bids received? Or is it the Parish’s procedures that do not allow for such revisions to budgets?

    Anyone who has ordered concrete for a driveway extension or other reason at their home knows that concrete is now more like a commodity, i.e. the price is always fluctuating … mostly upward. Lumber and composite decking material, I suspect, is the same way. The demand is high, and the supply is … not so much.

    Please don’t wait a year to Increase the budget for River Bluff Park. A LOT of people live in the Moss Bluff area, and we want our park. You said it would happen – now make it so. We would like to use the park before we are too old to enjoy it!!