About SWLArt

SWLArt is a collaboration of a wide variety of local groups and artists, including, but not limited to, visual arts, theatre, dance, music, craft, creative writing, carnival arts, digital, and film. Our mission is to utilize a wealth of resources, connections, and talent to produce and promote art programs for the benefit of artists, scholars, collectors, and the general community.

Dedicated to maintaining a sense of camaraderie for fellow artists and their patrons, SWLArt aims to assist its members in reaching an increasingly broader audience and expand their consumer relationships by offering a multitude of opportunities for education, distribution, and overall involvement in the art world.

Founded in and focused on our community, SWLArt acts as a service and information bureau for artists, collectors, museums, dealers, art historians and press, aiding in the cultural enrichment of the Lake Area and to the promotion of Southwest Louisiana history and heritage. SWLArt, Progressive, Supportive, Local!